Firm Density
Prescription Indications:
• Increased Control over foot forces Required.
• Increase in shearing forces, eg. multidirectional sports.
• Increased compressive forces e.g. +85kg patient.
• Improve forefoot shoe stiffness.
Dual Density

Prescription Indications: 

Patients requiring shock attenuation as a primary orthotic requirement 

Perfect for metatarsal additions or met head cut-outs 

Able to be posted but not aggressively 

Ideal body weight <65kg 

The ethotic Dual Density is the most profiled dual density in the marketplace allowing better footwear options 

Extremely lightweight and ideal for diabetic patients 

Mid Density

Prescription Indications: 

Moderate control over foot forces 

Ideal 55kg – 85kg patient 

Greater adaptive mould ability when arch contact is required 

Ideal in forefoot valgus posting models as shell density is strong enough to maintain valgus control but forgiving enough for de-loading ground reaction forces 

Prescription Indications:
• Flexible forefoot valgus.
• Sesamoid pathology.
• Functional hallux limitus.
• Ideal mechanism for promoting 1st ray plantar flexion.
Prescription Indications:
• New orthotic material - PU Memory
• Terrific ‘rebound’ effect
• No ‘bottoming out’, Grindable, Adhesive
• Size specific (5 sizes) covering the smallest foot size to largest,
Domes (3) + (4) are similar shape but (4) is higher in profile
PU Memory, adhesive and grindable 
Terrific ‘rebound’ effect • No ‘bottoming out’ 
Size specific (5 sizes) covering the smallest foot size to largest 
Domes (3) + (4) are similar shape but (4) is higher in profile 

Clinical Attributes: 

The only pre-fabricated full length heel raise 

available 3mm 60 shore material saving the 

practitioner time and effort. 

Compatible to use with ethotic Rear Foot Heel Raises 


Prescription Indications:
• Available in sizes
3mm, 5mm or 7mm.
• Height size individually marked.
• Only dual density raise in the marketplace.