Elite Sports X

Elite Sports X is a Functional Foot Orthotic (FFO) which are used to correct abnormal foot function by applying forces to the foot to promote a good foot position during dynamic movement.

Elite Sports X is a product Elite Orthotics has introduced to cater for those foot types that you need greater control, yet where comfort is a must. The Elite Sports X Orthotic combines two structural elements.

First element - Polypropylene shell, which can be selected between 2mm-3mm thickness. This element supplies the framework that will perfectly contour your patients’ foot from the scan and design you have prescribed.

Second element - EVA, which you can control the stability and flexibility for your patient’s requirements with different combinations (blends) – 

350 Heel / 190 MLA, 350 Heel / 220 MLA or just a single density for Heel and MLA 

These devices are great for Runners, Football boots and Work boots .

Elite Sports X can provide help with:

Plantar Fasciitis

Flat Feet/Fallen Arches

Improve foot posture and help treat heel pain, arch pain, and forefoot pain

These devices are great for Runners, Football boots and Work Boots or Work shoes 

Can be supplied in ¾ or Full-Length and we offer a wide range of trim options and additions, as well as an extensive range of cushioning mid-layers and top covers. All on one Flat rate

  1. Shell
  2. EVA blend   
  3. Full length Ext + Cover                   
  4. All Additions