Elite Sports

Elite Sports is a Functional Foot Orthotic (FFO) which are used to correct abnormal foot function by applying forces to the foot to promote a good foot position during walking. Every Elite Sports is expertly designed to fit the contours of the foot using state of the art software.They can be made from either Polypropylene or Subortholen. Both materials exhibit great flexibility and impact strength which gives the materials a long-life span. Thickness ranges from 2mm-5mm, providing a low bulk, lightweight device with excellent arch support.These types of devices can be used in everyday activities and are excellent for sporting activities such as running. 

Elite Sports can provide help with: Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet/Fallen ArchesImprove foot posture and help treat heel pain, arch pain, and forefoot pain.These devices are great for Runners, Football boots and Work Boots or Work shoesCan be supplied in ¾ or Full-Length and we offer a wide range of trim options and additions,as well as an extensive range of cushioning mid-layers and top covers.


1. Poly shell

2. Rearfoot post

3. Full ext. or shell length + Cover