Elite Custom EVA Package

Elite Custom EVA package is a semi-custom orthotic which are used to correct abnormal foot function by applying forces to the foot to promote a good foot position.Elite Custom EVA package are constructed with EVA. They are a perfect orthotic for all foot types and the customization is endless. This type of device can be used in everyday activities and are excellent for all types of sports. And ideal for almost any shoe!Elite Custom EVA package can provide help with: Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet/Fallen ArchesImprove foot posture and help treat heel pain, arch pain, and forefoot pain.Can be supplied in ¾ or Full-Length and we offer a wide range of trim options and additions,as well as an extensive range of cushioning mid-layers and top covers. FLAT RATE


1. E-thotic Shell 

2. Posting (RFP + FFP) 

3. Covers + cushion layers 

4. All Additions