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Elite EVA Customs

An Elite EVA Milled Custom achieves great results for patients requiring instant comfort and support.
Elite Orthotics give the podiatrist three different types to choose from.

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Standard Black
Our standard black EVA’s come in three densities:

EVA 400 – Firm
EVA 350 – Mid
EVA 280 – Low/Mid

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Dual Density (Green/Blue)
Our Dual Density Block comes with a split density with half being EVA 190 Soft and
half EVA 350 Firm. The podiatrist can choose whether they want a firm heel/soft toes or firm toes/soft heel.

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Digisole (With plated bottom)
Our new EVA custom device has a ‘Realux’ base. This is a very high quality base which can be cut and bonded easily, does not break, and needs little maintenance.

These EVA’s come in three densities:

Digisole EVA 350 – Mid
Digisole EVA 280 – Low/Mid
Digisole EVA 220 – Soft